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Sleeping is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. However, people are sleeping much less than they used to nowadays, and their sleep quality is getting poor. Poor sleep can lead to a number of diseases such as diabetes, depression, heart problems or obesity. When we use devices with artificial lighting such as phones or tablets during the night time it may contribute to us having sleep problems. Why is this you might ask? Simply said, these devices emit a blue light which may trick our mind into thinking it is a day time and it makes us stay awake, so we have trouble falling asleep.

What is actually blue light?

Blue light is a colour in the visible light spectrum with a short wavelength which means that it produces higher amounts of energy. This means that blue light is not always bad or harmful. When we get blue light naturally from the sun in the daytime it might improve our performance and mood. Also, blue light therapy is often used to treat depression and blue lightbulbs might be helpful in order to reduce feelings of fatigue and therefore improve the mood and performance of an individual.

However, when it gets to the night time, the blue light that our phones, tablets or laptops emit seem to be the most disruptive when it comes to sleep. Blue light at night supresses the secretion of melatonin, which is a hormone that tells your body to get tired and go to sleep. Therefore, using your electronic devices before you go to sleep throws off your internal body clock which leads to reduction of quantity and quality of your sleep.

How to protect yourself from blue light at night?

Now, the best way would be to turn off your electronic devices at least 1 hour before you go to sleep. Although, if this seems impossible you can turn your devices to NIGHT SHIFT MODE which adjusts the colours of your screen to warmer and can help you fall asleep better than using your devices without it. Another great way to protect yourself from blue light at night time are BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES. These glasses have filters in their lenses that block the blue light which means that if you use these at night time your devices won’t keep you awake!

Another helpful tip is to use dim red lights at night-time as red light has the least power to suppress the melatonin. Also, if you expose yourself to a lot bright light during daytime, it might boost your ability to fall asleep easier during the night.

Overall, it is very important to keep your sleep quality high as it is essential for your wellbeing. Turning your phone off or wearing blue light blocking glasses after sunset might increase the quality of your sleep and therefore increase the quality of your life.