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Corporate Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness Program in London

London is a newcomer in the corporate wellness scene and the need for office wellness in London has increased rapidly over the past few years. Offering employee wellness can make your company stand out to employees as nowadays many would prefer office wellness as an added perk over a raise. Many London offices are now seeking to add corporate wellness into their business model in order to promote employee wellbeing and healthcare. Offering corporate wellness in London can differentiate your business and help you to meet the wellness needs of your employees.

What are the benefits of Corporate Wellness?

At Spa-Porter we focus on corporate wellness in London, which can help with employee retention and can positively impact your employees wellness and health. Employee wellness should be a priority to employers in London. London office wellness has proven to decrease employee absenteeism and increase the productivity of employees. Offering office wellness can help London companies to support the changes in the business environment. Additionally, offering office wellness to employees of London companies can benefit the changes in the organisational structure.

The corporate wellness we offer in London includes corporate massage, office beauty services, yoga, chair yoga, mindfulness and meditation sessions and motivational sales coaching. These can all help with employee wellness and wellbeing as office jobs in London can often cause a lot of stress to employees. Offering office wellness to your employees in London can also attract top new talent employees as corporate massages are a great benefit that a company can offer to promote the employee wellness scheme in London.

Motivate your Staff with Corporate Massage

Corporate massage has been proven to reduce the number of stress related sick days taken by the employees. Weekly corporate chair massages have been proven to reduce the occurrence of repetitive stress injuries by over 30%. Corporate massage can also decrease the anxiety and depression and that is why employee wellness in London is of a high importance. Corporate chair massages we offer can relieve the muscle tension and pain promoting the employee wellness in London. Corporate massage therefore promotes the health and wellbeing of employees which can benefit your company greatly.

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