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Many people say that your morning routine is key to setting the tone for the rest of the day, we couldn’t be more on board with this idea but what does this really mean in practice?

The way you start your morning can have a knock on affect to the rest of your day. Here are some of our tips.

Do not hit snooze

For many having those extra 15 minutes snooze is essential but we can all retrain our habits. By hitting snooze you are telling your subconscious you are putting off your day and are delaying the start to your day. This not only sends a negative message to the subconscious but it will also make your morning rushed and this isn’t an act of self love. Try putting your phone or alarm at the other side of your room to begin with until you create your positive habit.

Gratitude list

We like to write our gratitude list at the end of the day and then read it over the following morning. This helps to ground you and help you realise your small or big wins from the day before. It also attracts more of what you have listed. This could be anything from a walk with a friend, a new work opportunity or your morning coffee.

Tea Ceremonies

Use your morning cup of tea as a centrepiece to your mindfulness. Focus on your breath, set your intentions for the day, recite your affirmations and visualise what you want to achieve. Be present with your tea and use all of your senses.

Move your body

Try to move our body first thing in the morning as this will energise you for the day ahead. Whether its your favourite workout class or a simple home workout. Stay tuned for our virtual wellness subscription.


Incorporate affirmations into your daily self development work. This could be done in the mirror whilst doing your skincare or in the shower. Psych yourself up as if you are about to go to an interview or if your best friend were to tell you their favourite things about you. Our favourite ones are:

All is well in my world
I am welcoming a positive change
I am letting go of what doesn’t serve me
I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do
I experience love wherever I go
Today will be a great day
I welcome all new and exciting opportunities
I am present with myself and my loved ones.

Try to stick to the above routine for 3 weeks as this is when we start to develop and train our positive habits.