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During the lockdown, while the advice remains to work from home, people are physically isolated from their teams. It is therefore incredibly important to have a series of anchors throughout the week, that bring people together mentally and emotionally while they are physically apart. Regular team check-ins using Zoom, WebEx, face time or other platforms are great of course, but can be counter productive if the subject for discussion is the trials and tribulations of working from home / dealing with social distancing / isolation etc. Where there is no framework or guidance for a check-in or catch up it’s easy for the conversation to tip towards the negative rather than the positive. It can also put undue pressure on individuals to bring something to the table, when in fact with all the online calls we are having to do and virtual meetings, many people are feeding back to us that what they really lack is a chance to be creative and apply their energy in a more positive way.

With this in mind we have worked with our team to create virtual wellness programmes that are useful to teams who previously would have been working in the office but now find themselves at home. Individuals are finding it harder to focus, motivate themselves and their teams and have regular breaks and they are finding being constantly online is incredibly tiring. They are also finding they lack any kind of structure to their day. If they don’t have a clear start and finish time, work extends into what should be their down time and opportunity to recharge themselves and connect with their loved ones.

We are finding our tea ceremonies are the ideal way to frame the working week and encourage everyone to set their intentions and start the week on a positive note. This is really appealing  to our corporate clients who are goal focused and also want to look after the health and wellbeing of their teams.


What is a Tea Ceremony?

A tea ceremony consists of a combination of breath work, meditation, positive affirmations and intention setting. We are finding these are most popular on a Monday so that employees go into the week on a positive note.

The practitioner encourages participants to adopt a focused mindset to the start of their working week, pausing the mind before the week commences to reflect on the week ahead and the goals on both an individual and a team basis that they want to achieve. The ceremony acts a reset button after a weekend with family / doing household chores and other non work related projects. It can be hard to delineate work vs home time when you’re on lockdown working from home and this ceremony is getting great feedback as a way to kick start the working week.

The live element of the sessions means that your team log on and off together and are therefore present at the same time, fostering a sense of team and camaraderie that is harder to promote during this period of working from home. It’s a moment of reflection, and a chance to re start the engines and gear up for the week ahead together as a team.


End of Week Wind Down Sessions

These are similar in terms of the techniques used; breath work, mindfulness, positive affirmations but are focused on encouraging people to leave their work for the weekend and take a well needed break to rejuvenate the mind.

These sessions require nothing other than the presence of the person participating, people will not be seen on camera, and are not required to prepare anything beforehand other than a cup of tea or coffee which they may have been preparing anyway as the day starts/ends. Depending on the format the team will be able to see each other’s names logging in so they can see who and how many of their colleagues are participating.

Productivity coaches and mindfulness practitioners all agree that anyone working from home needs to be able to switch from home to work mode both for the sake of the quality of their work and vice versa for the quality of their home and family time. Part of this involves setting up in the right way otherwise a week working at home can lack structure and a sense of achievement. A tea ceremony to start and end the week frames the working week and acts as a much needed re set button on either side.


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