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Bradley Simmonds is a young, ambitious and driven fitness influencer and personal trainer to many people in the public eye. Bradley is on a mission to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and balanced nutrition. Bradley is regularly featured in GQ and Men’s Health magazine and his no nonsense approach encourages all levels to achieve long term results. We spoke to Bradley about how his fitness, lifestyle and work has adapted to lockdown and he shares his tips on how to remain positive.
Describe your morning routine and has it changed during isolation?
I’m still an early riser, it comes with the territory of being a personal trainer. People want to get up and get moving for a positive start to their day and with my Instagram lives right now, I’m up and leading them through a session at 8am. I’ll then have breakfast & walk Roots my dog.
What would your perfect day look like after lockdown?
I’d get up a train some clients, maybe squeeze in a work out for myself. Then grab a wholesome breakfast at a local cafe before going on a long walk with my dog. Then it’s back to business, working on my app and partnerships. I love working so that’s still part of a perfect day for me. I think seeing my family, popping over to my mums for dinner and just being able to hug my niece and grandparents. It’s the little things!
What is the first restaurant you would like to visit after lockdown?
I went to Amazonico just before lockdown and can’t wait to go back there. The vibe and ambience was top notch, not forgetting the food.
You are the trainer to many celebrities and people in the public eye. How have you adapted your training during quarantine?
My clients talk to me regularly, we keep in touch via social media and of course what’s app. They’ve been following my work outs and keeping on top of their healthy eating. Saira Khan has been so committed and consistent with staying active and positive despite this pandemic, she’s been great!
What do you do to unwind, recover and practice self care?
Mobilise and stretching is so key for me, I have to do it everyday before and after I train. I walk the dog everyday but that’s low intensity and great for my mind. Besides that resting my body from exercise is key so I’m having days off when needed. I love cooking  and a good action/drama series too. I also think good skincare and a little bit of self grooming keeps you feeling good.
What are your favourite fitness classes and gyms in London?
Kobox is a firm favourite for me. I love boxing a lot, the Kings Road location has an amazing boxing gym upstairs where I take clients. I think it’s important to figure out what you love and then you can stay consistent with it.
What is your favourite hotel that you have stayed in?
The Treehouse hotel London was amazing, I love the outdoors and this hotel gave a real sense of that whilst actually being in the middle on London. The interiors are really cool and views of London are pretty amazing.
What is your favourite city and why?
London is obviously incredible but Paris has to be up there, I’m a proper foodie so loved it there for obvious reasons.
What do you do to get a quality nights sleep?
I think a good night sleep can be effected by your whole day/routine/lifestyle. It’s not just one thing that helps me to sleep well. Good food, not too much caffeine or refined sugars, a nice hot shower, exercise & switching off from social media & putting my phone down an hour or so before bed really helps.
What makes you feel your most “well”?
Living a balanced life. I’m realising that being healthy isn’t just about consistent exercise and nourishing food. It’s about finding that balance between work and social life, making time for the things you enjoy, friends and family. Your mental health is just as important as your physical. They go hand in hand for me, so when I’ve got that balance right I feel my most well.
What are your 3 must have supplements that you take daily right now?
Cod liver oil is something I take often, my mum has always made us since we were children. I also drink BAM organic protein shakes for my recovery and WOW hydrate as it has electrolytes in it so it keeps me hydrated and replenished after and during work outs.
What are your 3 go to lockdown healthy meals?
Granola, natural yoghurt & some fruit is – great quick and wholesome breakfast.
I love scrambled eggs with tomatoes and spinach on some wholemeal or sourdough toast. For dinner its fish or chicken with greens and rice with garlic and chilli – my favourite flavours. I’m also enjoying pasta and homemade sauce at the moment, I’m doing a lot of exercise with my LIVE workouts, so I’m needed more carbohydrates than usual some days.
What role does alcohol play in achieving your optimum fitness levels?
Alcohol doesn’t really play much of a role to be honest. It’s more of a hindrance than anything but like I said, enjoying a few drinks with friends here and there can be important for your mental health and social life. But alcohol isn’t necessary for fun either! It’s about working out your priorities and knowing when enough is enough to be honest.
Many people think that you cannot be vegan and have a high protein diet, what are your thoughts on that and what vegan protein powder would you recommend?
I think if you’re going to be vegan and want to be healthy then you need to do your research. If you’re vegan, a good quality vegan protein powder is definitely one way of meeting your daily protein requirements.
Do you ever meditate and what role does it play in your life?
You know what I don’t mediate In the traditional sense but my walks are a great way for me to take time out to relax and process my thoughts. I haven’t felt the need to properly meditate yet but I can totally see why people find it useful.
What would be your health and fitness mantra or tip to everyone social distancing?
I would say mindset is key. How do you want to feel about yourself once this goes back to normal? It’s going to be a long slow process so adapting to life as we know it now and getting back into a healthy routine is really important. You want to be that person who comes out of this feeling good in themselves regardless of the situation. Now is the time to really focus on you.
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