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Describe your morning routine and has it changed during isolation?

I LOVE my morning routine! I wake up at 5am every morning, say a Manifesting Mantra and then go and make a coffee before Wolfe wakes up!

Then I’ll do an hour of exercise, shower and get ready, listening to positive affirmations while I do my skincare routine, and then make a smoothie bowl and an iced latte before starting my working day! I used to walk to Gail’s for my coffee and then go to a group class in London so it’s kind of the same routine but just at home now instead!

What would your perfect day look like after lockdown?

I’d go spinning at Psycle, out for lunch with my best friends and then maybe go watch a movie at the cinema!

What is the first restaurant you would like to visit after the lockdown?

Ooh that’s a tough one but I think I’d say Farmacy on Westbourne Grove! I’ve stopped eating animal produce whilst being in lockdown and Farmacy has amazing vegan options so I can’t wait to go and try them out 🙂

Does exercise play a key role in your routine and what type are you enjoying the most during lockdown?

Exercise honestly sets me up for the day, it gives me mental clarity, a burst of energy and I actually find it so medatiative as you can’t think about anything else when you’re feeling the burn in your glutes! I’m obsessed with The Sculpt Society at the moment, it’s a perfect combo of dance cardio and serious sculpting for the ass and abs!

What do you do to unwind and practice self care?

I meditate, journal, take long baths, burn incense and sage or I go and cook something because I actually find cooking so therapeutic!

What are you favourite salons and treatments in London?

For blowdries I love Clo & Flo or Hershesons, for facials I love Glow by Charbec or Dr. Rabia Malik, and then I love lymphatic drainage with the queen of it; Flavia Morellato!

What is your favourite hotel that you have stayed in?

That’s so hard but I think I’d have to say El Fenn in Marrakech – it was such a cool vibe, the interiors were incredible and the food was to die for!

What is your favourite city and why?

I think Los Angeles… I spent 3 weeks there just before lockdown and honestly it was just so incredible. The people are SO positive and friendly, there were so many incredible healthy places to eat, the exercises classes were superb and the hiking was glorious. And then it has the best restaurants too! I mean it literally has everything I want in one place!

What do you do to get a quality nights sleep?

Take magnesium supplements, turn my phone off an hour before bed, avoid drinking too much water after 7pm, and journal my thoughts if I’m feeling anxious or stressed from the day!

What makes you feel your most “well”?

Eating nutritious food and moving my body!

What are your 3 favourite products in your makeup bag right now?

Hourglass Mascara, KKW Beauty Lip Liner in 1.5, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Aware under eye concealer

What are your 3 must have skincare products right now?

111 Skin Eye Masks, Sisley Hydrating Serum, Caudalie night cream,

Do you ever meditate and what role does it play in your life?

Every day I meditate in some form – that doesn’t always mean traditional sitting crosslegged meditation – to me meditating is simply being totally present and mindful. That can be done walking, cooking, exercising, doing yoga, or simple breath work. It is so important to me for managing stress, keeping your nervous system calm, and creating mental space.

What would be your self care mantra or tip to everyone social distancing?

Today I choose to treat myself with love, respect and kindness in every single thing that I do.

I am running a Self Love workshop on May 1st if you’d like to come please do sign up