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The last few weeks have seen some of the biggest change in modern working practises since the inception of the internet. Companies have had to adapt with very little time to plan. Many of our clients had no choice but to temporarily pause their in-house corporate wellness services but didn’t want to drop the theme of corporate wellbeing during this time. As a corporate wellness business we have had to think carefully about ways we can continue to support our clients in promoting health and wellbeing while their employees are working from home.

With this in mind we have created a series of virtual corporate wellness initiatives that can be delivered to employees working from home.




Tea Ceremonies




Crystal Sound Baths

Gong Sound Baths

1:1 healing sessions

Life Coaching*


*Group sessions or 1-1 coaching


These sessions are delivered live, but other than attendance they require very little preparation from the participants as they can be done in a home office, bedroom, kitchen, garden etc. Any space that the person feels comfortable and undisturbed would work. There is no requirement to turn on the video option so the only person who will be seen on camera is the instructor. The fact that they are delivered live promotes a sense of togetherness amongst teams when they are physically isolated as they can see who has joined and who is live with them (just by name). This is really helpful for people who may be struggling at this time with being socially distanced and working remotely.

These sessions also represent excellent value for money for the employer as the reach is immense; you can potentially reach hundreds of employees with one initiative. And while there are plenty of apps and online workout options for individuals there is great value in your team doing a class or session that is uniquely tailored for them and all together.


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